July 13, 2024
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In a recent revelation, veteran Nigerian singer and activist Charles Oputa, widely known as Charly Boy, stunned many as he disclosed an unusual habit: keeping a coffin in his house, where he sometimes spends hours sleeping. Speaking on The Honest Bunch podcast, Charly Boy confirmed, “Yes, there was a time I heard you had a coffin and go to sleep in it for hours or days. Is that true?” queried one of the co-hosts, to which Charly Boy replied, “Yes.”

Apart from his eccentric sleeping habits, Charly Boy also shared insights into his personal life, revealing that he has remarried his wife more than three times and expressed a disinterest in sex. “I don’t care much about sex anymore,” he stated casually during the podcast.

Moreover, Charly Boy delved into his impactful role in revolutionising Nigerian music as President of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN). Reflecting on his presidency, he emphasised, “As a PMAN President, I warned the corporate bodies not to pay artistes less than 1 million Naira.”

However, the podcast didn’t just focus on Charly Boy’s personal life; it also unearthed an intriguing tale of his involvement in a tense confrontation at Lagos Murtala Muhammed Airport back in 2004 involving American rapper 50 Cent and Nigerian artist Eedris Abdulkareem. Charly Boy vividly recounted receiving a distress call from Abdulkareem, reporting that 50 Cent’s bouncers were mistreating him.

Charly Boy swiftly mobilised a legion of bikers and stormed the airport to confront 50 Cent. He narrated, “I stormed the airport with almost 3000 bikes… I went into the SUV to confront him. ‘You are the one beating my people in their own country? You came to Nigeria and you are beating my people,’ I said to 50 Cent.”

Fortunately, the tension diffused, and 50 Cent apologised after understanding the gravity of the situation. Charly Boy’s bold intervention showcased his commitment to defending Nigerian artists and asserting their rights, even in the face of international stars.

Charly Boy’s revelations provide a glimpse into the multifaceted persona of the iconic entertainer, shedding light on both his idiosyncratic lifestyle choices and his unwavering dedication to advocating for the Nigerian music industry.

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