July 13, 2024
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Nigerian TV Icon Ethel Ekpe-Aderemi, Beloved ‘Segi’ of “Basi and Company,” Passes Away


The Nigerian entertainment industry mourns the loss of Ethel Ekpe-Aderemi, a gifted actress and cherished television personality who succumbed to cancer after a courageous battle. Renowned for her portrayal of the unforgettable character Segi in the classic Nigerian sitcom “Basi and Company,” aired on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) from 1986 to 1990, Ethel leaves behind a legacy that reverberates through generations.

Dr. Shaibu Husseini, Executive Director of the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB), broke the sombre news through a poignant Facebook post on Monday night, expressing, “Ethel Ekpe (formerly Ethel Aderemi nee Ekpe), the screen beauty who captivated audiences with her unparalleled portrayal of Segi, has departed from this world.”

Reflecting on Ethel’s profound impact on Nigerian entertainment, Dr. Husseini continued, “Her legacy as a gifted actress extends beyond the screen, touching the hearts of countless fans. From the iconic ‘Basi and Company’ to her recent roles in Amaka Igwe’s ‘Forever’ and ‘Sons of the Caliphate,’ she left an indelible mark on Nigerian entertainment.”

Ethel’s passing leaves a profound void in the hearts of her admirers. As Dr. Husseini shared, “She will be sorely missed. In my own family, we hold her memory dear, having named my second daughter Ethel in her honour. Tonight, we bid farewell to a remarkable woman.”

Beyond her iconic role in “Basi and Company,” Ethel Ekpe showcased her talent across various productions, including Aguila Njamah’s ‘Heartbeat,’ Tchidi Chikere’s ‘Speak the Word,’ and Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen’s ‘Traumatised.’ Her versatility and dedication to her craft endeared her to audiences across generations, cementing her status as a luminary in Nigerian entertainment.

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